Public Health and Zoonosis

A zoonosis is an irresistible illness that has bounced from a non-human creature to humans. Zoonotic pathogens may be bacterial, viral or parasitic, or may include offbeat specialists and can spread to people through direct contact or through nourishment, water or the environment.

Highest risk of serious illness from Zoonosis disease is to

  • Children younger than 5.
  • Adults older than 65.
  • People with weakened immune systems.
  • Pregnant women.

Examples of Zoonosis Disease

  • Animal flu.
  • Anthrax.
  • Bird flu.
  • Bovine tuberculosis.
  • Brucellosis.
  • Campylobacter infection.
  • Cat scratch fever.
  • Cryptosporidiosis.

Protective Measures

•     Keep hands clean. Washing your hands right after being around animals, indeed in the event that you didn’t touch any animals, is one of the foremost important steps you'll be able take to avoid getting debilitated and spreading germs to others.

  • Know the simple things you can do to stay safe around your pets.
  • Prevent bites from mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.
  • Learn more about ways to handle food safely—whether it’s for yourself or your family, your pet, or other animals.
  • Be aware of zoonotic diseases both at home, away from home
  • Avoid bites and scratches from animals.


  • Direct zoonoses
  • Cyclozoonoses
  • Metazoonoses
  • Saprozoonoses


  • Anthropozoonoses
  • Zooanthroponoses
  • Amphixenoses

  • Bird flu
  • Animal flu

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